Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day means different things to different people, some love the big extravagant gifts that cost thousands of dollars, some like a day away from the kids, some love breakfast in bed, some love nothing more than a sleep in. No matter how you choose to spoil your mothers the most meaningful gift you can … More Mother’s Day


Ever feel like you’re taken for granted? The expectation people have on you, that if they ask you to do something it will just get done, regardless if you can actually make it work or not. The expectation that you’ll take your kids to an event whether you can afford it or not. Even the … More Expectations


Most days you love them with all your being, and would give them your dying breath if it meant they’d live longer. Some days you’re completely done, and you want to run away and never return.

Sporting mums

Sporting mums We are in a league of our own. We get up at ridiculous times of the morning, stay up to ridiculous times at night to wash uniforms, research maps and plan journeys. We drive our kids 700kms away to play in a weekend tournament, and drive 700kms home again We stand on the … More Sporting mums

Another one.

Just last week I wrote a post on this blog about schoolyard bullying. And about the threats to my eldest son. Today, I’m singing much of the same tune, however now regarding my 3rd son who was stabbed with a pen in the leg by another student whilst in class today. The teacher shrugged it … More Another one.