Death hurts.

Yesterday I lost a very dear friend. This woman was friends with my mum and from the day I was born she had an influencing guide on my life.

Yesterday she passed away. This woman that was a 2nd mum to me died. Quietly and peacefully.
And. It. Hurts.

It hurts more than I can put to words. The pain inside my chest is heavy. The tears that fall from my eyes are many. Death hurts.

So to you, Di, I say this. I wish I had told you while you were here, I hope you knew what we felt.

This is my Ode to Di.
For my entire life you guided me.
Watched over me.
Encouraged me.
Moulded me into the independent woman I am today.
Some would say you brainwashed me as well, but how could I not love the “maggies” as much as you.

Every time I found myself in the shit, you’d dive straight in, prop me up, and pull me out again, often without my parents knowledge.
No matter what sort of trouble I was in, you had my back. Every time. Unconditionally, Without question.

You were the only person that I’d willingly go to church with, and I know you prayed for me often.
You were my advisory,
my mentor.
My strength,
My conscience.
My saviour.
I sat with you and held your hand as we said goodbye to your mum.
You sat with me and held my hand as we said goodbye to my dad.

Now I have to say goodbye again, but this time you won’t be there to hold me up, catch my fall, and give me the strength to keep going.

This time I say goodbye to you

My best friend and shining light for nearly 40yrs. The person who has had the most influence in my life, my ‘surrogate’ mum passed away on May 17, 2015.

I thank you for being my best mate, my sister and at times, my mum. I love you, and I’ll miss you more than you could ever know.

May you rest in peace Di,
I wish God luck, he’s going to need it with you up there! Lol
Give Dad, and Gret a huge hug and kiss from me.
Til we meet again, some sunny day….

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