Motherhood Perfection

I was watching a family movie with my kids. You know the one where the dad goes to work in his perfectly tailored suit with briefcase in hand, the mum that stays home and takes after the kids, the tidy house, and the long haired Labrador in the backyard.
Mum was cooking a pot roast and getting ready to take the kids to soccer practice.
The perfectly clean kids who are sitting quietly and doing craft, or their homework without being reminded 100 times, or practising their musical instruments, or playing catch in their perfectly manicured gardens.
It was all very nice and orderly.

Where in the hell does this actually shit actually happen? Who’s life is like that??

Mine sure as shit isn’t!!!

Where are the movies that model my family?

Kids that fight over which cartoon to watch, or fight over which socks they will wear that day?
The kids that yell and scream at each other from the moment they wake up, rather than come out of their room and cheerily say “good morning mummy”?
The kids that fling their cereal at each other when mum isn’t looking?
The little girls that start crying because there’s a knot in her hair and it hurts to brush?
The teen that pulls a mouldy sandwich from the bottom of his school bag because he was looking for his iPod and felt something slimy instead?
The mum that puts a sweatshirt over the top of her pyjamas as she pulls her unbrushed hair into a pony tail as she rushes the kids into the car to ferry them to school?
Where are the real life mums???

Needs to be more of that and less of this perfection bullshit!!!
It’s so fucking misleading!
Motherhood is not perfection, it’s noisy, it’s messy, it’s snot wiped on your shoulders as you carry your toddler, it’s crazy, it’s repetitive, it’s bloody hard work!

Or maybe it is perfection, and I’m just more fucked up as a mum than I thought I was!!!

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