Anorexia in boys

How do you help a 15yo that doesn’t want to be helped? I’m struggling so bad to help him, and I’m desperate. My 15yo son is 6ft tall, at the end of last year he was a fit, healthy, 75kg guy. Now he’s 53kg, skin and bone, looks like shit, not eating, exercising excessively and … More Anorexia in boys

Losing my mind

Ever feel like you’re losing your mind? I’m struggling so bad to stay on top of everything, but I’m sinking and I can feel myself losing the battle. I’m stressed. Actually, I think stressed would be an improvement. There’s so many things in my life turning to shit at the moment, I’m not sure how … More Losing my mind

Inside depression

Her reflection in the shattered mirror shows the broken soul, the jagged edges wanting desperately to join as one and heal the wounds that only she can see. The eyes filled deeply with sorrow, the smile disguising the pain that fills her broken, damaged heart. The wounds cut deep, an explosion of emotion sets off … More Inside depression