Wasting energy through worrying

Are you an over-worrier?

Do you worry to much about things beyond your control, or do you wait until there is something to actually worry about?

My husband is ill. (Not just his psychiatric illness) He is having an exploratory heart procedure shortly and they think they’ll be putting in stents when they’re in there. I’m rather relaxed about it, (I’ve had this procedure done myself) I know his cardiologist is amazing and has Hubby’s best interests at heart, and is treating him chemically (medicines) to allay any symptoms and keep him stable until they can get in there.
Now I’m at peace with that treatment option, I’m understanding and positive that they’re keeping hubby well until his surgery date.
Hubby on the other hand has got himself in such a state that he has spent the last 3 weeks on the couch, convinced that he’s going to die of a heart attack at the slightest movement and he’s not going to make the surgery. He’s given up.

It’s bloody hard to watch, his condition has deteriorated because of his mental state. His having extra symptoms that are psychosomatic. His cardiologist has confirmed that his condition isn’t actually any worse then before, yet he’s talked himself into such a state that he’s convinced his body that he’s suffering more than he is.

I have no idea how to support him. My positivity and logical thinking seems to be lost on him.

Bring on the surgery, where he will be OK, and fixed, and he can get on with living the rest of his life instead of convincing himself of the worst.

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