Ever feel like you’re taken for granted? The expectation people have on you, that if they ask you to do something it will just get done, regardless if you can actually make it work or not.

The expectation that you’ll take your kids to an event whether you can afford it or not.
Even the expectation that dinner will be on the table by a certain time, even when you’re sick and feel like death. It’s just expected to be done.

Sometimes the expectations put on us are too great, it causes undue stress, and can actually make us ill, one of the effects it has on me, is it makes my hair fall out – in patches.
The prospect of letting others down can become consuming.

It would be really appreciated if people could help fulfill those expectations, or make an effort to understand why we might have trouble fulfilling them.

Sometimes it’d be nice to hear the word ‘Thanks’, sometimes it’d be nice to know my extraordinary efforts are appreciated. Or even for those asking to understand the lengths people go to to fulfill the expectation put on them.

Most of all, I wish people could see how draining it is to those that have the constant expectations put upon them. Because I’m almost worn out and about to give up.
This goes part and parcel with Motherhood.

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