Exercising. When you’re a fat chick.

When you go out somewhere, and you see an overweight person having a go, or going for a walk, or trying to get involved with something physical, I want you to think about something…….

When you’re as overweight as I was, people don’t realise that EVERY SINGLE THING I did was a struggle. It was a struggle because I carried the weight of an adult and 8yo child with me. ALL THE TIME, Everywhere!!!

Imagine this….
Try getting up off the couch while piggy backing an 8yo child and carrying a short adult in front. (Approx 100kg, 220lb extra)
Bend over and pick something up off the floor while piggy backing an 8yo child and carrying a short adult in front.

Roll over in bed with that weight,
walk to the letterbox and back with that weight,
shower with that weight,
get dressed with that weight,
go for a walk with that weight,
do the grocery shop with that weight.

I was carrying the weight of an extra adult, and Child on top of me, all day, every day. I was more than 100kg MORE than what I should have been.

Not only does it physically hurt, but daily life was fucking exhausting!!!

When I started the journey to gain some control over myself, the thing that was the hardest battle wasn’t the pain and exhaustion with that weight.

The hardest thing was the looks of disgust,
the “did you see that fat bitch” comments,
the pointing and the laughing,
the kids pointing me out to their parents and the parents looking me up and down not educating their kids that they were being hurtful,
the ridicule and torment of the ignorant bastards that tried to put me down.
That was (and still is) the hardest and most hurtful thing.

There were so many times that I’d be going for a slow walk, and I’d hear it……….
and I’d.

I just wanted to hide away again, go back home and sit on the couch and demolish a block of chocolate.

But I didn’t.

Instead, with tears rolling down my cheek, I’d lift my head up, and that voice in my head would say “fuck you arsehole, you’ve just pushed me to do an extra 5 minutes”.
Now, not everyone is as Pig headedly bitchy as me. There are so many people who would be destroyed by those comments, and they would have given up, they wouldn’t dare leave the couch to make the effort again.

I want you to know that it’s fucking hard enough already to get off the couch, I want you to know that those comments are soul destroying, and can be the one thing that stop a fat person from leaving the house to go for a walk..

Thankfully for me, Making the decision to get up and ignore the judgements wasn’t all bad. There was the odd occasion that I’d get an encouraging smile, and you could almost hear the little voice in their heads saying, “good on you for getting out there and having a try”, but they wouldn’t dare verbalise it, incase it embarrassed me.
As time went on, the little smiles from the same people would grow a little bigger each day, you can actually feel how proud they are of you, just from that growing smile.

What I want you to learn today, is NOT to be the ridiculing bastard, that goes for a run in their perfect bodies, while laughing and sniggering at that fat person with the bright red face, with sweat dripping from them, pushing themselves so hard that they are struggling hard to draw breath, to the point that they dry retching.

Don’t be that hurtful judgemental prick that says to their mate as the pass me, “did you see that fat chicks’ butt wobble, Hahahaha”.

Don’t be that parent that hears their kid say “Mummy, there’s a fat lady” and not educate them that what they’ve said is hurtful.

When you see that fatty struggling for breath, with sweat drenching their t-shirt, and that bright red face begging for the end of the exercise to be within the next 5 agonising steps…..
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be the smiler!!!!!!

I beg you, to give that encouraging smile, a nod of the head.
Stop them and tell them that you’re proud of them for trying hard.
You have no idea how empowering, how absolutely life changing, and even life saving those few seconds of encouragement can be.
You may just be the reason that that person was able to get up and try again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

Please put an end to the judgement and ridicule, and be a smiler 😊 and teach your kids to be a smiler too.

#fatchick #exercise #encourage #judgement

#overweight #runner #fat

2 thoughts on “Exercising. When you’re a fat chick.

  1. Hey,

    As a plus size girl that goes to the gym 5 days a week i feel you.

    I go to a cheap gym that attracts a lot of the scruffy, uneducated types… You know the ones that judge without using their single brain cell for a moment.

    It can be really discouraging when you get those nasty looks or hear the horrible comments.

    my attitude is to push harder so I out do them on that cross trainer, exercise bike etc.

    to be honest I’ve had my fair share of arguments in the gym because fuck them and their narrow minded shit. Its easy to work out if your already fit, I am damn proud of my dedication to working out and they’re not ruining that for me.

    What I mean to say is stay strong girl, forget the haters!!

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