Sporting mums

Sporting mums

We are in a league of our own.
We get up at ridiculous times of the morning, stay up to ridiculous times at night to wash uniforms, research maps and plan journeys. We drive our kids 700kms away to play in a weekend tournament, and drive 700kms home again
We stand on the sidelines and cheer, yell, scream. We support and feel the euphoria of a win, our hearts break with a loss.
We empty our bank accounts, trying to give every penny we can afford to our kids so they can chase their sporting dreams.
We endure the pain of injuries that keep our kids sidelined, we cut up oranges for half time energy boosts. We offer words of support and wisdom to keep the kids upbeat and focused.
We pay fees, organise playing and training schedules and our entire lives around a sport.

Even if that sport is one we despise.

Because what sport it is doesn’t matter, the dream, excitement, support and passion of our kids is what’s important. And as a mum, we’ll do anything to keep them happy

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