Romantic Crush…

Romantic crushes…

Ever find yourself with a little ol’ crush on someone? Your heart skips a beat when you see them look your way, the mere thought of them causes the goofiest smile on your face, they speak your name and the butterflies in your tummy start doing backflips.
That wonderful feeling deep inside that you only feel when you have this person in your thoughts.

Such a beautiful feeling to experience.

What happens when a crush is unreciprocated, or is unobtainable for whatever reason?
The world of sadness and hurt can be overwhelming. Seeing them becomes hard and makes you miserable when all you want is for them to take you in their arms and hold you so that hurt goes away.
You crave the time with them, want them to notice you. But it’s disappointment after disappointment as your ignored or looked over.

Having a crush on someone can make you come alive, and see you in a whirlwind of happiness and euphoria.
When that crush can never become anything more, there can be a world of hurt and heartache before you have to crawl back to reality.

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