Reality of Motherhood


It’s the most rewarding thing a woman can do with their life. To grow a little person inside you, birth and fall in love with this little bundle of squishiness that you created, someone completely dependant on you for the most basic of life’s needs. Someone you mentor and mould into little people, young adults and adults for the future. Someone to teach life lessons, instil good morals and kindness, and hope like hell they grow up to be responsible, caring, loving adults for the future.

You have this dream of bringing your baby home from the hospital and it sleeping while you stare at them sleeping, totally memorised that you could create something so pure and perfect.

Motherhood truly is a beautiful gift, most of the time. And this is the side that everyone tells you about when you’re expecting.
The other times, the times that they don’t prepare you for, and no one ever admits to having, can truly suck huge, fat, sweaty, donkey balls!

Motherhood is for the most part an amazing experience, but by shit, these little fuckers will almost break you any chance they get!
It’s fucking hard! Its heartbreaking! It’s hurtful! And it’s sometimes the most thankless job on the planet.
You’re sleep deprived for decades!
It truly can be the hardest thing you ever do with your life. You wipe shit from little bums for several years, you get puked on, pissed on, shit on, sneezed on, coughed on.
You’ll never eat a hot meal that you don’t have to share ever again!!!
They’ll make mess faster than you’ll clean it.

They’ll make you question every single bloody decision you ever make, and even make you think why the hell you had kids to begin with.

They can say the most hurtful things out of anger, they call you names, make you cry, they can make you feel a whole new level of sadness.

If you’ve been blessed with a child with special needs, you may even receive punches, kicks and head butts from your child, don’t ever expect to hold them or hug them because they can’t cope with the touching. It can be soul destroying, but every little achievement feels like you’ve climbed Mount Everest.

Yeah, there is this whole other dark side to motherhood and rarely will people be honest about it, Motherhood really does make you reevaluate why you had kids, but those shitty times and thoughts are short lived, and the good, fun, loving, supporting times wayyyyyy out weigh the shitty times.

Motherhood is challenging, but by shit, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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