The importance of your Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament.

The importance of a Will can not be understated. It is one of THE most important things you need to do as an adult.

When you discuss this with your solicitor, please make sure it’s completed properly, please make sure all of your assets are listed, and your wishes for those assets are listed.
Make sure your savings accounts are noted, and what they are to be used for, or bequeathed too is noted.
Make sure any stock market shares are covered, and your wishes for those are covered.
Make sure your superannuation and death benefit is listed, and the beneficiaries are noted not only on the superannuation fund account, but also in the Will.
What happens to your pets? Your jewellery? The crockery in the cupboard? The paintings on the walls? Everything needs to be accounted for. Complete inventory of everything you have and what you want done with those things when you are to pass away.

But most of all, make sure your solicitor is competent, experienced and has a great reputation in handling Wills and Estates.

I’ve been caught up in settling a deceased estate, and I have been given such an amazing gift from this estate. However what should have been a straight forward settlement has turned into 2 years of stress from an incompetent lawyer. A lawyer with many years of experience who really should retire as he just does not seem capable nor does he act efficiently for this estate. He has me questioning his mental state, as I’m concerned that he might be losing the plot a little at this stage of his life.

Whilst you think you have everything covered, sometimes a wrongly written sentence in a Will, or a bequeath not added to the Will, but added to a Superannuation fund can get very messy. Something that should have been so easy to hand the appropriate forms in and have it settled has been nothing short of a nightmare that has slowly destroyed me mentally over the last 2 years.

I’m now so very thankful that the original lawyer handling the estate has been fired by the executrix of the estate, and a new competent lawyer has been handed the case.
We have had more done in the last 7 business days with the new lawyer than we have with 23 months of the other one. It truly has been a nightmare.
The things that have been bequeathed to me will change my life, and the life of my kids forever. I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards my beautiful friend who had me and my kids in her heart and thoughts as she decided what to do with her assets and estate. She is changing my life path. A truly beautiful gift that I shall be indebted too for the remainder of my days.

The struggle that we’ve had over the last 2 yrs since her passing has been so very hard. It’s left me unable to grieve for her properly as we are still faced with her passing on a daily basis.
Which is why it is so very important to make sure that EVERYTHING you have is included in your final wishes, and that you triple check the wording on every document that has those wishes recorded.

If you haven’t ever had a Will drawn up for you, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have one drawn up. Make it legally binding. And choose a reputable lawyer.

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