Another one.

Just last week I wrote a post on this blog about schoolyard bullying. And about the threats to my eldest son.

Today, I’m singing much of the same tune, however now regarding my 3rd son who was stabbed with a pen in the leg by another student whilst in class today. The teacher shrugged it off and said “don’t worry about it, it’ll be right”.

I am furious.

Its not ‘right’, a 12yo child should not be getting stabbed in the leg with a pen at school. For fucks sake, NO ONE SHOULD BE GETTING STABBED BY ANYTHING AT SCHOOL.

Yet this is happening more and more. What damage are we doing to our kids that they see this as ok behaviour?

Is this the influence of video games?

The rise of social media?

Is it a reflection on their home life?

I’ve got 6 kids to raise. I try to instil good morals, a sense of selflessness, I try to teach them to be giving, and caring, and generally good people.

What the hell am I doing wrong that is causing my kids to be facing these things in their early teens?

Todays world scares me.

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