Schoolyard bullying

School bullying has always been an issue, I’m guessing as long as there have been schools, there will have been bullying in some form.

I was bullied at Highschool back in the early 1990’s, I was never a popular kid, I was rebellious and rough around the edges. One day, I was bashed and kicked by a person and their friend who came in to the school yard off the street, and ended up needing medical treatment, only to have the Police attend and take a formal statement, and lay charges on the person that did it. 25yrs on and I still struggle with flashbacks, and feel physically sick when I see this person.

I am deeply ashamed to admit that I was a bully to this one girl too – in the year or two before I was bashed. I have no idea why I did it, but I was a bitch, and although they were verbal attacks, not physical, it is completely unforgivable. I did track this girl down on Facebook a few years ago and sent her a very heartfelt apology for my actions and behaviour toward her. I didn’t expect her to forgive me, but I needed her to know that I was the one with the problem, and the shit I put her through wasn’t a reflection of her in any way. I have no idea if this girl ever read my message. I hope she did.

Over the weekend my 15yo son was a victim of bullying, and threats were made that he would be bashed and stabbed at school on Monday, he was shaken, and distressed, and concerned for his own safety if he was to go to school.
I’m so very relieved that he was able to tell me about this. I kept him home, and phoned the school to explain his absence and tell them about the threats. The year level coordinator supported my decision to keep my son home, and said it was the safest option. The school couldn’t guarantee his safety, they could try to prevent it, but couldn’t guarantee that this threat wouldn’t be acted on.
My son spent Tuesday at home too. His safety outweighed and loss of class time.
It’s now Wednesday, there have been no other threats made, and we decided that my son would attend school today. I’m now stressing, thinking of my son looking over his shoulder during recess and lunch times, and I’ve felt sick the 2 times that the phone has rung, expecting it to be the school telling me he’s been injured. It wasn’t the school calling though. Much to my relief.
I hope that my son remains safe today.

It leads me to ask, why the fuck do we bully each other? What becomes so much of an issue that kids are threatening to stab people?

Raising teens, and facing this has been hard. Makes me sad that these things continue to happen 25yrs after I experienced them.
Have we learned nothing?
How the hell do we stop it?

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