Sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies, we all have them.
Some will get to live them, some will never let there’s be known, some will deny that they’ve ever had one.

I have. This is one of mine.

This is my stranger fantasy…
I go to the movies, a stranger sits next to me and as the movies start, our hands innocently touch on the armrest. I don’t move my hand away.

They move their hand to brush against my leg, I breathe quickly and deeply with excitement, my eyes never leave the screen.

Their hand moves up my leg, and under my shirt.
They start caressing my breast.
They are causing a wetness and tingling down below.

They start moving their hand lower, squeezing my tummy, and moving lower. They then slip their hand into my panties, rubbing my clit, I let out a moan as I try to remain quiet and focused on the screen.

My eyes close, I bite my lip, savouring the moment that they slide fingers inside me, feeling the wetness that they’ve created.

I soon get to the point of orgasm, saturating their fingers and hand. He puts his fingers in my mouth to taste

The movie ends and they stand up and leave. I discretely follow them out and back to their car.
As they are unlocking the car, I pin them up against the car and kiss them passionately. We fumble our way inside the car, I kiss their neck, my hands on their chest, as I move down their body.
I undo their belt, unzip their jeans and grab hold of their throbbing hard cock before licking the precum from the end. I lick the shaft, all the way down and back again. Then place his entirety into my mouth.

After a few minutes of hearing him moan with pleasure, I climb on top of him. We fuck hard, and passionately, I orgasm several times until he cums hard and intensely inside me.
I climb off and clean any mess with my mouth, tasting our combined juices.
I tidy my clothing, kiss him passionately one last time, and leave.
I don’t look back.

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