Quality of Life

What does “Quality of Life” mean to you?

Is it being financially stable, working in a job you enjoy, coming home to your partner and kids, sitting down to a family meal, snuggling on the couch, have a story before bed?
Is it being able to run around a playground with your kids, catching them at the bottom of the slide?
Is it living without a disease that is threatening your life?
A few weeks ago a beautiful 41yo man lost his battle with Motor Neurone Disease, his quality of life in those final months was horrendous, at times I feel like I have no right to complain, as my lack of quality of life would seem insignificant to others going through worse. But it is very significant to me.

Quality of life for me…

Quality of life is to live without pain. Physical pain.

This week I have again been reduced to tears, begging my Dr to help me, because I’m ready to end my life just to stop living in pain. I have begged my Dr like this several times this year. Pain is destroying me.
Chronic pain stops me from running around with my kids. It stops me from going on a simple walk.
It’s making me sad, angry, impatient, and intolerant. It’s causing me to miss out on my kids achievements and fun activities. It’s debilitating, and I hate it.
My quality of life is poor due to chronic pain, people fail to understand the significance of the pain. They lack the understanding of living with it 24/7.
After visiting numerous Drs and specialists, the ideas to help me are running thin. It’s looking like this constant pain will be here forever. I hate my quality of life.
I hate that my kids are watching their mum struggle through every day with pain, nausea, vomiting, photophobia. I want my kids to see me smile. I want to be able to play in their games, push them on the swing, kick balls with them on the ovals, go on a simple walk around the lake. Simple stuff that other parents take for granted, I find so very hard.
My constant pain for the last 9 months has been migraine. 9 months of someone bashing my head with a hammer.
It’s been debilitating

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