Adult Dreams & Desires

I could imagine kissing you now….
your soft lips on mine, a little bit of tongue,
my hands running down your chest, coming to rest on top of your pants…

I place your hand on my breasts, and you slowly make your way down and slide them inside my panties, you can feel the wetness, even before you slide your finger inside.
You rub my clit with your wet fingers, as I start to undo your pants

I kiss your ears……
…… your neck…..
……your chest …..

I circle your nipple with my tongue, kissing as I move closer and closer to your gorgeous, hard cock.

I lick the precum from the tip,
……circle the head with my tongue,
……Lick the length of the shaft, and back to the head before I take you fully into my mouth.

Sucking back and forth, as my tongue presses on the underside of your cock.
My hand wrapped around your balls, rolling them gently around in my fingers.
I have to lick the precum off the head again…. its so tasty.
I move my head away, I don’t want you getting too excited.

I make eye contact with you, as I removed your hand from my pants, and suck the juices from your fingers.
I lay you down, and I climb on top of you, feeling your cock enter me as I lower myself on you.

Your hands on my breasts.

I begin riding you, cowgirl style.
I lean back as I tighten my pussy around you, squeezing you while you are inside me.
You sit up a little and grab my arms, gently throwing me onto the bed.

You lay on top of me, sliding that gorgeous hard cock back inside.

You begin pounding me, slowly at first, I squeeze tight around you again.

You kiss me passionately

My moaning becomes louder as I feel an orgasm building

You reach down with a hand, as you continue to pound me

You rub my clit with your finger

The build up is intense

I’m moaning so loud, screaming out YES!!!

I cum over your cock, the gush of wetness instant.

You enjoy the sensation and withdraw, coming to let me taste my juices from your throbbing cock.
My lips running over every vein in your cock..

You try so hard to contain yourself, but you taste so good, I suck faster feeling the head of your cock with my tongue as I move up and down on your shaft.

You cant control yourself

You hold my head, gently guiding me as I suck you, I look up at you with my blue eyes.

You start holding your breath, letting it build up inside

My hand wrapped firmly around your balls again

You cant hold it any longer,
You feel it build up, only to explode in my mouth as you let out a loud moan, but I wont let you go. I suck every last drop that you have.

You feel for my pussy again feeling how wet I am, your fingers slide inside, your thumb rubs my clit

You kiss me, as you move down, nibbling my clit before your slide your tongue into my pussy

I moan uncontrollably, your tongue back on my clit, as your finger goes back inside, you suck, and lick, to the point that I lose control

I cum, squirting your hand, my juices over your face….

You come and kiss me again – I have to taste it. The passion in your kiss is electrifying.

We lay side by side, holding each other, and kissing, until we drift off to sleep in each others arms.

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