I’m gunna….. Fun run for cancer

I’m one of those people who is always ‘gunna’ but never actually ‘do’.

Take this blog for example, I was ‘gunna’ write an entry about once a week, but I’m a year or more down the track, and this shits still waiting. I put it on the get shit done shelf in my head, with all my other great ideas on how to change the world, and there it’s stayed, never to be looked at again. Along with all the other great shit that I want to do but know deep down that I’ll never do it.

Why do I do this? No idea. I think it’s mainly because I’m a lazy bitch. I have the best intentions, and a heart of gold but I rarely follow through.

I guess the main thing is that I’m here, on the blog. I took this off the shit shelf, and here I am, babbling a heap more crap that no one is actually going to read. Now, some would see that as certifiable, but hey, we all know I’m a little crazy. All the interesting people are.

So let’s get cracking, On Sunday this weekend is Mother’s Day in Australia. And here is something that I really am ‘gunna’ do. I’ve ditched the sleep in, and the breakfast in bed and I’m participating in a FUN RUN!!!
Ok, you can stop laughing, I really am!!!

This short, fat, crazy mumma bear of 6 is actually going in a fun run, and I’m taking some of my kids with me.
We are raising money for breast cancer research and awareness. What better way to motive me, to make me be a doer, instead of a gunna.

About 10 years ago I became friends with a beautiful woman called Elisa. She was the most caring, heartwarming, beautiful lady who was honestly so kindhearted and thoughtful, and truly graceful, elegant and beautiful in every part of her being. I swear she had a halo above her head, she was that angelic and wonderful – we were polar opposites! Lol

Elisa found a lump in her breast, and it was cancer. She fought with so much dignity, she never showed anger or hatred, she just continued to be beautiful throughout her treatment. Even after she lost her hair, she continued to be graceful, and dignified.

Well just when we thought she might beat this bastard, tests showed that it had spread. And it was doing so with vigour. It ended up in her brain and my beautiful angelic friend passed away. She left behind a wonderful man, who was blessed to be her husband, and 2 perfect young children.

I don’t understand how Elisa could be so dignified during her diagnosis, her treatment, her fight, and coming to terms with her own demise.
I was angry as hell. I still am. You see, cancer has robbed the world of a truly beautiful woman. A wife, a mother. And my darling friend.

Why the fuck couldn’t this cancer pick on someone who has pure evil running through their veins? You know the sort, the child rapists, the men who sexually abuse and eventually murder women, the mass murderers, the pedophiles, the scum that pushes drugs onto our teenage kids.
Why couldn’t the cancer invade and kill them? Why did it have to take someone so undeserving, and so completely wonderful? Someone who honestly made people happy just by walking into a room.

I fucking hate cancer. That is why I’m not going to be a ‘gunna’ this weekend. I’m going to be a doer.
And I am going to have Elisa in my thoughts with every step I take.

4 of my kids are also coming. They are coming to honour their Prep teacher who battled breast cancer for 4 years, and lost her battle. Yet another truly beautiful soul list to this bastard disease.
I’ll never forget the look on my sons face the day Mrs Mitchell died. He walked inside after school and looked at me and I instantly knew there was something wrong, and he began to cry. He managed to say “Mrs Mitchell died today”. And there we sat, holding each other and crying.

So Elisa and Janet, this Mothers Day fun run is for you. For your fight, for your memory.
You may be gone, but you’re forever in our hearts.

Donations can be made up until May 15. So if you do actually read my blog, and you can spare a few dollars, please help me in kicking cancers arse!!!

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